Designing, creating and discovering the world are the drives of Katleen Lievens, architect, visual artist and expat.

After graduating as an architect in 1997 in Belgium from LUCA I School of Arts,
Ghent, Katleen started her career in Paris, worked in Barcelona and Brussels and founded her own architecture studios in Belgium and France.

As an expat, she moved around the world with her family, creating a home in each place such as Thailand, Indonesia, Saudi-Arabia, France, Rio de Janeiro and Houston. As her world expand, so did her creativity.

Throughout these years as an expat, she has designed various brands. Her latest accessories brand 'Happy Slow Living' incorporates CITY VIEWS of her expat life. Katleen created this brand for charity and empowerment while living in Rio de Janeiro. It reflects her life vision: Living aligned with soul & planet while empowering each other.

Once settled in Houston in 2021, she began art classes again, at the Glassel School of Art, including advanced printmaking and painting. This has resulted in her latest collections of ABSTRACT FINE ART: The BE YOU print collection and the upcoming TAKE YOUR SPACE painting collection are both characterized by a PURE and MINIMAL GEOMETRIC style inspired by mid-century design and the Bauhaus movement.


The launch of her online gallery features an edition of digital GICLÉE fine art prints. Committed to originality, exclusivity, and high quality, each print is certificated, numbered, and printed in a limited edition. All prints are made on a SUSTAINABLE hand-picked heavy-weight archival acid-free cotton paper. This fine art paper gives the artwork a rich feel, strong colors and provides a high contrast on a warm base with a museum-quality result.

The prints featured in the online gallery are available in different STANDARD sizes and are sold UNFRAMED.



- CITY VIEW COLLECTION for Happy Slow Living


The handmade SILK SCREEN PRINT edition and PAINTINGS are coming soon.


Moving around the globe and settling down in different countries is a challenge that breaks habits, puts one out of their comfort zone and makes one feel unstable. It requires adapting, adjusting and letting go of what was to embrace what is. Katleen learned with time to see each move as a new opportunity to tune in and find a new way to express herself, aligned with who she really is. 

Katleen: "The biggest lesson of moving and settling down in so many countries as an expat isn’t the journey around the world, but the journey within me to a place that I call home!"

From this place, creativity starts to flow and makes one feel powerful in a beautiful way of just being.

Katleen: "Living authentically, according to your core values, makes every person a better version of themselves. Through art, I like to inspire and empower others and myself to liberate that unique voice deep inside. We all have seeds planted in our hearts that need to be watered to bloom. I believe if every person can feel free and have the courage to feed these unique seeds, the world will be a better place for all of us. Stop hiding your magic. The world needs you to BE YOU! TAKE YOUR SPACE and show this beautiful, powerful soul of you! BE that person you are meant to be and BLOOM!"

All artwork and products shown on the website www.katleenlievens.com and on instagram @katleenlievens.art are property of the artist Katleen Lievens. No content may be reproduced and distributed.